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In August 2019, CNN published an article listing the top cities that are prone to excessive flooding due to the coming rise in sea levels. Lagos was one of them. One solution, which was mentioned by Andrew Yang during the American Democratic debate in 2019, is to move to higher land. In the case of Lagos, this would be the mainland in areas such as Ikeja, which is already densely populated.

Rather than move away from the water, why not embrace it and continue to develop the city with the water? This is what led to the theme of the first Eddy Eguavoen Foundation Architecture Competition. Lagos: City on Water.

Over the years, there have been projects, plans and visions of a future of civilization that is based on water. Some may argue that there is no need for such, but news recently broke about the country Kiribati (a country made up of small islands in the central pacific ocean) soon being the first country to completely end up under water as a result of rising sea levels. The government of Kiribati has been accessing its options, and one option that has been explored in previous design competitions is building floating buildings and cities on water. 


For the design competition, you are asked to use your creativity to design a building, structure or masterplan that helps envision a future for Lagos on water. Your project should make significant use of water space, whether floating, submerged and/or built over water. You can focus on one architectural topic such as affordable housing, sustainable cities or others to act as a starting point for your project. We encourage projects of different scales as we want a large variety of ideas and concepts realised. Whether your submission is a single building that can be expanded using a modular method or your submission is a whole self-sustaining city, your project has the opportunity to win. The scale of your project is not a factor that contributes to winning the competition. Instead, the level of detail, development and innovation of your submission will contribute to your project winning. Your project can remain at concept level, but still present a detailed and developed solution to a problem.

The competition is also relatively open in terms of context. Your project can be based on any part of Lagos, Nigeria whether Mainland Lagos, Lagos Island, Snake Island or Lekki.


The competition is open to students, recent graduates and young architects around the world.

The competition allows groups (4 people max.) to submit projects and all group member names must be included when filling the registration form. If you want to add or remove group members after submitting the registration form, you can email us ( to make group member changes to your registration.

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  • 1st Place Winner – International Contestant - €700

  • 1st Place Winner – Nigerian Contestant - ₦245,000

  • 2nd Place - €400/₦140,000

  • 3rd Place - €200/₦70,000

  • Honorable Mentions - 10 Contestants

  • Finalists – 20 Contestants

  • Founder's Choice


All winners will be included in a competition publication and a Virtual Exhibition. 


  • June 5th – Official Announcement of Competition

  • June 10th – Early Registration Begins - €5/₦1,750

  • June 24th – Normal Registration Period - €12/₦4,200 (Until end of Competition)

  • August 5th - Submissions Open

  • August 10th – Registration Closes

  • August 30th – Submission Closes

  • September 30th – Winners Announced, Virtual Exhibition Begins (Previously September 10th)

  • Virtual Exhibition starts on October 1st


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Iwoje Eguavoen

Director (Voen Associates)



Arc. Ladi Olatunde

Principal Partner of Third Dimensions (Architecture Firm)

CEO of Fourth Estates Ltd

Former member of Voen Associates

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Arc, Usman Mohammed

Lead Architect (Voen Associates)

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Arc. Ladi Lewis


Member of ARCON Education Comittee

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Arc. Kayode Anibaba


ARCON Council Member


Arc. Adesoye Oni

Senior Architect

(Design Group Ltd)


Debo Adesanya

Architect & Project Manager

(Design Group Ltd)

Tomiwa Adegbola

Ose Wangboje


Ore Adegbola


voen logo 0742.png

Osarogie Edo-Osagie

Project Manager at Mixta Africa


Art & Design Enthusiast



Art & Design Enthusiast

Business & Finance